About This Site

The term “postphenomenology” refers to the work of an international and interdisciplinary collective of scholars studying human-relations to technologies.  This perspective blends together insights from the phenomenological and pragmatic traditions of philosophy, and builds on the work of American phenomenologist Don Ihde.

Postphenomenology, as a movement, has many interdisciplinary roots. We have created a reference list on this site that names many contributions to the literature, but our list is by no means exhaustive. If you have an interest in adding your publication to the reference list, please send us your published article or book in pdf form and our committee of postphenomenology scholars will review it for inclusion. We most appreciate postphenomenological scholarship that pushes the movement beyond a “quick mention.” We hope this site will serve to point new and seasoned scholars toward the many varied primary sources about postphenomenology. This website has been created by university faculty from around the world, with a variety of teaching, research and administrative/service responsibilities so our review may take some time to facilitate. Thank you for visiting.

Site Curators:

Stacey O. Irwin, Professor, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Robert Rosenberger, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology


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