Society for the Social Study of Science, September 2019, New Orleans, LA, USA

Society of Philosophy and Technology, May 2019, College Station Texas, USA

“Human-Technology Relations Conference: Postphenomenology and Philosophy of Technology,” July 2018, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

Society of Philosophy and Technology, June 2019, Darmstadt, Germany

Society for the Social Study of Science, September, 2017 in Boston, MA, USA


August 2017

Society for the Social Study of Science (4/S) Boston

Postphenomenological Research 1: Scientific Perception

Panel Session 11:00 to 12:30 pm Sheraton Boston: Floor 3 – Dalton

Zebra Finch Acoustics and Anti-Cognitivism Don Ihde,Stony Brook University

Tacit Knowing – Interpretation in Technology and Science Contexts Jan Kyrre Friis, Copenhagen University

On the Difference Between Technical and Technological Mediation: Science-in-the-Making and Science-as-ithas-been-made Bas de Boer, University of Twente (the Netherlands)

Do Instruments Really Produce “Easy Knowledge”?  Stanley C Kranc, University of South Florida

Bachelard, Technoscience, and Cloud Computing (?) Robert C. Scharff, University of New Hampshire

Chair: Peter-Paul Verbeek, University of Twente

Postphenomenological Research 2: Mediated Spaces

Panel Session 2:00 to 3:30 pm, Sheraton Boston: Floor 3 – Dalton

On Hostile Architecture: The Inscription of Discriminatory Agendas into Public-Space Artifacts Robert Rosenberger, Georgia Institute of Technology

Technological Environmentality: bringing back the “world” into the human-technology relations Margoth, González Woge, Twente University

Making sense of “smart houses”: Towards the ontology of the future Søren Riis, Roskilde University, Ten Asymmetries Caused by Technological Transfers, Maurício Bozatski, Universidade Federal da Fronteira Sul

Wearable computers, transparency and the gaze of others Nicola Liberati, Department of Philosophy, University of Twente

Chair: Don Ihde, Stony Brook University, Postphenomenological Research 3: Media and Design

Postphenomenological Research 3: Media and Design

Panel Session 4:00 to 5:30 pm, Sheraton Boston: Floor 3 – Dalton

Fake news and the politics of mediation, Peter-Paul Verbeek, University of Twente

Thinking Through the Screen – A Postphenomenological Investigation into Digital Drawing in Architecture, Education Inger Berling Hyams, Roskilde University

Design Visualizations as Service Interfaces Fernando Secomandi, Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial -UERJ

From Hermeneutic Relations to Writing relations, Galit Wellner, The NB School of Design

Chair:Don Ihde, Stony Brook University

Postphenomenological Research 4: Mediated Bodies

Panel Session 9:00 to 10:30 am, Sheraton Boston: Floor 3 – Kent

The Mediated Body: The Human-Technology-World of Disability Stacey Irwin, Millersville University

Technical self-formation as taking responsibility for what you are not responsible for Ciano Aydin, University of Twente (the Netherlands)

Digitizing the Body: Revisiting the Leib/Körper Distinction, Kirk Besmer

A third person attempt at getting to the first person experience: assessing coping in non-communicative patients with a locked-in syndrome, Marie-Christine Nizzi, Harvard Psychology Department; Steven Laureys, Harvard University; Christine Moroni, Université Lille

The Moral Mediation of Sex Selection Practices Olga Kudina, University of Twente (the Netherlands)

Postphenomenological Research 5: Artifacts and Selves

Panel Session, 11:00 to 12:30 pm, Sheraton Boston: Floor 3 – Kent

The Sensible Thing: Should Postphenomenology Be Object-Oriented? Yoni Van Den Eede, Free University of Brussels (VUB)

Irreplaceability and Vulnerability: How Machines Become Moral Agents Shoji Nagataki

A Speculative Approach to Postphenomenology Roisin Lally, Gonzaga University, Transcendental, Transcendent and Transcending

Technologies Jonne Hoek, University of Twente (the Netherlands)

Chair: Peter-Paul Verbeek, University of Twente

June 14-17, 2017

Society of Philosophy and Technology, Darmstadt, Germany

Postphenomenological Track

Track: Postphenomenological Research (1) – Theorizing Bodies Classrooms 23

Jesper Aagaard: “Technohabitual Agency: Habits, Akills, and Egoless Agency”

Ciano Aydin: “World Oriented Self-Formation: Postphenomenology meets Peircean Pragmatism”

M. Kirk: “The Digitized Body: A Twenty-First Century Reconstitution of the Leib/Körper Distinction”

Moderator: Don Ihde

Track: Postphenomenological Research (2) – Technologized Space

Darmstadtium 3.03 germanium

Robert Rosenberger: “Multistable Public Space: From Park Benches to Bathroom Stalls”

Søren Riis: “What Is It Like To Be A House? Towards An Ontology of the Internet of Things”

Olya Kudina: “Deconstructing a Panopticon Tower of the Digital Age: A Phenomenological Account of Google Glass”

Peter-Paul Verbeek: commentary, Moderator: Don Ihde

Track: Postphenomenologcial Research (3) – Augmented Realities

Darmstadtium 3.03 germanium

Galit Wellner: “The Grammar of Augmented Reality”

Richard Lewis: “Leveraging the Idea of Multistability with Regard to Museum Selfies”

Nicola Liberati: “The Emperor’s New Augmented Clothes: Digital Objects as Part of the

Every Day”

Moderator: Robert Rosenberger

Track: Postphenomenological Research (4) – Mediation/the Mediated

Classrooms 23

Jonne Hoek: “Technological Mediation of Limits and the Limits of Technological Mediation”

Bas de Boer: “Vico’s Verum-Factum Principle and Contemporary Technoscience”

Moderator: Robert Rosenberger

August 2016

Conference Panel Presentations on postphenomenology

“Science has always been technoscience”

4s/EASST Conference Barcelona 2016, August 31-September 3, 2016

Sessions T 131, T 145

December 2015

3-day Workshop Human-Technology Relations in Ethics, Design and Science: Mediation theory and Philosophy of Technology, December 14-16, 2015

DesignLab – Ideation Space, Building the Gallery

The philosophy department of the University of Twente invites PhD students and ambitious master-students to join a 3-day winter school in philosophy of technology, focusing on the technological mediation of morality, epistemology, and metaphysics. The event will take place in the DesignLab (Twente University) and is hosted by Prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek. Robert Rosenberger (Georgia Institute of Technology) is the workshop keynote speaker.

Workshop link

November 2015

Five panel sessions at the upcoming Society for the Social Study of Science (4/S), Denver Co, USA, November 11-14, 2015. Preliminary Program Here.

September 2015

Two panel sessions at Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy (SEP-FEP), University of Dundee,  Scotland, September 2-4 2015. Final Program Here.

October 2014

Panel at the The Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP) 2014 Conference, Loyola University New Orleans with Tulane University, October 23-25, 2014 – New Orleans, USA. Final Program Here

September 2014

Course: Postphenomenology – Theory, Methods, Challenges, Graduate School, Arts at Aarhus University, Denmark,. September 22-25, 2014.

August 2014

Panel at Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference,in conjunction with ESOCITE, Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 20-23, 2014 Program Here.

October 2013

Two panel sessions at Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference, San Diego, CA, USA, on October 9-12, 2013. Final Program Here, beginning on p. 28.

August 2013

Two panel sessions at Ciencia y la Tecnología (ESOCITE) and Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 23th, 2013, Final Program Here

July 2013

Two Panel Sessions at International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT) Lisbon, Portugal, July 2013. Full Program Here.

November 2011

Two panel sessions at Society for Phenomenology and Human Sciences (SPHS) in conjunction with Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP), Philadelphia, PA, November 19-22, 2011. Full Program Here.

November 2010

Two panel sessions at Society for Phenomenology and Human Sciences (SPHS) in conjunction with Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP), Montréal, Québec, Canada, November 2010. Final Program Here

November 2009

Two panel sessions at Society for Phenomenology and Human Sciences (SPHS) in conjunction with Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP), Arlington, VA, November 2009. Final Program Here.

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